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17th May 2017 Agency

A philosophy you just can’t argue with

It took Aislinn a year from her joining to get me into FieldHouse – to the very day. For months, she asked me why I wouldn’t just meet with Cordelia, and the answer was simple: I knew that as soon as I did, she’d convince me, and then I’d have to leave. And that’s pretty much how it happened!

From when I first heard about FieldHouse a year ago, I thought it sounded extremely cool. A fast-growing PR agency, working for high-growth tech companies and the surrounding ecosystem – it was the job I wanted. So after watching FieldHouse from afar for almost a year, I caved and went for a chat. And now, one notice period later, here I am. Having just celebrated the agency’s fifth birthday and an influx of new team members, and with no sign the growth is slowing, it’s clear it’s the place to be.

FieldHouse’s ethos is evident pretty much on entering the office. It’s people-driven, the passion for its own impact-focused brand of PR guides everything, and the determination to push the agency to new heights is clearly manifest. For one, I never thought an MD would be sending me texts trying to recruit me from her holiday – but that’s just the place it is.

It’s a philosophy I can’t argue with; I was hooked, and so here I am. As Cordelia said to me, joining a new company isn’t an easy thing to do – it’s hard to leave somewhere, it’s hard to leave your friends, it’s hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone – but if you don’t push yourself where will you be? At FieldHouse I know I am in the company of people that also haven’t done the easy thing, they’ve taken a leap. And working in that company is pretty bloody exciting.

Aidan Murphy

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