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  • 17th September 2018

    Finding my feet in B2B and FieldHouse

    After graduating with a Philosophy degree from the University of Birmingham and finishing my law conversion course I was, like many graduates, still unsure of how to find a career that would be a good fit for me. I decided to take a gap year, which included three months living in Spain, where I attended […]

  • 17th September 2018

    Making FieldHouse my new home

    From working in-house at big brands and start-ups, and spending time with different types of agency, I knew that my next job had to be somewhere different; somewhere that was as much about the place of work as the clients. I’d spent a year working in a startup, where the highs were so giddy that […]

  • 11th September 2018

    Please fasten your seatbelts securely, British Airways is experiencing some turbulence

    Working on a number of cyber security accounts, a serious data breach always makes for a hectic day, as we act as the go-between connecting journalists to our clients, who help explain what happened and why. Late last Thursday evening (6 September), British Airways announced that it had suffered a serious, sophisticated cyber attack, leaking […]

  • 10th September 2018

    Finding a place in the real world

    Having survived three years studying for my university degree, it was time to try to find a place in the ‘real’ world of work. My search led me to a number of companies, but most importantly FieldHouse. With its specialism in an area that I already had an interest in, I was immediately tempted to […]

  • 20th August 2018

    For your listening pleasure

    According to Wikipedia, the word ‘podcast’ is a portmanteau formed by combining ‘ipod’ and ‘broadcast’. It was ‘created’ by journalist Ben Hammersley back in 2004. The year before, a weekly chat show launched by Matt Schichter called ‘the BackStage Pass’ was thought to be the first podcast despite it not yet having a category name. […]

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