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  • 17th May 2017

    A philosophy you just can’t argue with

    It took Aislinn a year from her joining to get me into FieldHouse – to the very day. For months, she asked me why I wouldn’t just meet with Cordelia, and the answer was simple: I knew that as soon as I did, she’d convince me, and then I’d have to leave. And that’s pretty […]

  • 8th May 2017

    FieldHouse Associates Spring 2017 newsletter

    Build it, and they will come Cordelia Meacher Five years ago I left a perfectly good, well-paid job to go and do something quite mad. I knew in my gut that PR could be done better, with more business purpose. I felt companies were spending a lot of money on PR, and often getting very […]

  • 3rd May 2017

    Turning the tables

    More or less every morning, the FieldHouse team can be found excitedly scouring the media for the latest coverage secured for our clients. But last week there was an extra frisson to the search as we found ourselves in the spotlight. As part of our fifth birthday celebrations, founder and managing director Cordelia Meacher and […]

  • 3rd May 2017

    Hitting the job jackpot: let your values and commitment shine!

    This morning I took a deep breath, pushed opened the door and started my first day at a new job. Alongside the normal excitement running through my mind, I also wondered: did I make the right choice? I had two objectives in mind when I started looking for a new position. Firstly, I wanted to […]

  • 1st April 2017

    A confession … 

    So, as some will no doubt have ascertained, Delia sadly was a figment of our imaginations. A light-hearted April Fool to kick-off a month of celebrations for our 5th birthday (officially next week, happy birthday to us!). While Delia may not currently be on hand to help us lessen our day-to-day workload, in her conception […]

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