A blog about blogging, and why I’m joining FieldHouse

I knew this was coming.

From the moment I hit “send” on my email accepting Cordelia’s invitation to author the next chapter of my career at FieldHouse Associates, I knew that this - a Sunday morning spent at my laptop attempting to conjure authentic, witty, and original reflections about why I had said “Yes” - was coming.

Throughout the interview process I had turned to the FieldHouse blog to find out exactly what these guys do; what is it that makes them tick. And as I did so, reaching further and further back in time - seeing just how far the rabbit hole goes - I noticed a pattern.

New joiner, blog post.

New joiner, blog post.

New joiner, blog post.

So I knew this was coming.

And sure enough, the brief came through from Cordelia, and here I am. Here we are.

It had been those “why I joined FieldHouse” blog posts that I had come back to most. Doing so, I noticed two things. First, that they seemed to be coming thicker and faster over time; this is clearly a company on the rapid up-and-up. Second, that - whatever the differences in tone or style - there was a remarkable consistency in the content; in the reasons that people had for joining and the characteristics of the company and its people that had drawn them in.

Now, that latter point could of course just testify to the admirable message discipline of those FieldHouse-ers [note to editor: I’m going to need to find out what we call ourselves, stat] who conduct recruitment interviews.

But, less cynically, I prefer to see it as evidence not only that FieldHouse is a company motivated by the kind of values - ambition; intellectual curiosity; a desire to challenge and be challenged; genuine knowledge of and passion for the sectors it works in; and, crucially, a very real sense of fun - that make me want to brave the commute every morning, but also that it is doing a sterling job of attracting like-minded people to the cause.

And that’s a feeling that was confirmed time and again as I met more of the team at various interviews (so well done, Anthony, Cordelia, Neil, Nicky, and Emma).

I thought about how to make this blog post say something different; how to chart a course through the choppy waters of new-job-excitement cliché. After all, it’s a very public statement of personality and intent, and first impressions matter.

I discussed with a friend the possibility of distilling my thoughts into a haiku, or telling my story entirely in emoji, or simply submitting an suitable selection of GIFs and memes.

But the gimmicks aren’t what matters, of course. 

As I sit here typing, I have a few different browser tabs open: Twitter, naturally; a live scorecard from the ongoing County Championship cricket match between Lancashire and Surrey (come on, the Brown Caps); the FieldHouse Associates website; and the homepages of the clients I’ll be working with. And I realise that what matters is - however corny it sounds - the opportunity to do powerful work for exciting clients in an important sector, at an ambitious company, alongside talented, motivated, and interesting colleagues.

With so much growth and development under its belt already, and so much more on the horizon - I’ve already been told I’ll be joining a new business call on my first day; talk about in at the deep end - now feels like the perfect time to be jumping aboard the FieldHouse train.

I’m excited about the challenge, and can’t wait to get started.

Iain Alexander