A new chapter

In much the same vein as Zayn Malik, Jeremy Clarkson and Hutchinson Whampoa, this week has also been the start of a new chapter for me, a young man from Sheffield, as he moves to the big city to follow his dreams. As pointed out by my esteemed colleague Michael House there is definitely a reference to Dick Whittington to be had in there somewhere.
As I sit in the office writing this, the exotic sound of a Caribbean drum band provides the rhythm section to a group completed by a bagpiper and the jabbering of French schoolchildren as they percolate around Trafalgar Square. For me, that’s the beauty of London, a bubbling cauldron of culture that can make a native feel completely foreign, I love it and it’s definitely a part of the reasoning behind joining FieldHouse Associates.
In terms of my experience of the sectors FieldHouse operates in I am still quite new to the venture space and tech sector in a professional capacity but it is something I find genuinely exhilarating and intend to grab hold of with both hands and hang on for dear life. With prosperity on the up, technology rapidly becoming an integral facet of modern life and London the thriving hub at the centre there has never been a better place, time or agency to be a part of the venture / technology communications scene.
The past week has been a baptism of fire into everything investment and London-centric. From picking my colleagues’ brains about an array of venture space vernacular to discussing the finer points of ‘Silicon Roundabout’ and who is or is not a hipster this has been a great first week. I can’t wait for the second.