Changes: ‘strange fascination fascinating me’ (so spake David Bowie)

To put it mildly, last week was extraordinary. Not only did the British public witness one of the most historic general elections in recent memory (how did the pollsters get it so wrong?), but I also embarked on an exciting new career with FieldHouse Associates.

In reference to the election, such an unprecedented outcome will no doubt conjure questions of what is to come. Now the composition of the new government has become clear, we know change is imminent. Change, they say, is generally a good thing, so I find it quite fitting that a shift in my professional career ties in with the start of a new government.

I’m absolutely delighted to start working in the heart of London within the inspiring technology sector – you’re always at the centre of innovation – joining a brilliantly burgeoning team packed with personality.

I’ve long wanted to be part of the tech scene and watched the ever-growing government support for the sector with interest. It reflects how vital the space has become for all types of industry across the country – covering areas as diverse as education, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. For example, in the run-up to the election, all main parties addressed a pressing need for digital connectivity throughout the country and I look forward to seeing how David Cameron’s new government addresses this.

Two main areas in particular come to mind. In order to support small businesses and optimise public services, the UK must have a reliable high-speed network infrastructure. One of our clients – the innovative CityFibre – is bringing fibre optic super-fast broadband to cities all over the UK which will go a long way to addressing this. It is going to be great being part of a team that can watch them do this from close range.

Another issue that must be addressed is the massive gap in the IT skills sector: it’s predicted that by 2017 there will be 750,000 jobs to fill; last year there were only 50,000 computer science graduates, so getting students involved in coding is vital. Cue another FieldHouse client: Kuato Studios, a gaming studio looking to challenge perceptions of educational gaming with high-production values. They have a brilliant story to tell and the work they do to integrate coding into young people’s lives is phenomenal. I’m excited to have a chance to follow their progress!

For me, the beauty of tech PR is that you get to learn about society game-changers in the early stages of production; now, the aim is to become a fully-fledge expert so I can work with the team on successfully conveying key messages about such revolution.

With technology defining so many different sectors and government investment set only to increase, there’s never been a more exciting time to get involved in the industry – especially somewhere as uniquely dynamic as FieldHouse.

— Isabelle Dann @izzydann