LM 4 FH. My First Fortnight at Fieldhouse

February 2016. In a month characterised by Chinese New Year (year of the Monkey, as was the year I was born fyi) and the non-event that is Valentines day, this year I was lucky enough to take elements of both ‘celebrations.’ I made a new start, beginning a job that I ‘think’ I am going to love.

I’ve been with FHA for two weeks now and I’ve been welcomed with open arms, given time to settle in and find my feet, except for a couple of challenges (courtesy of the exciting industry I am now embroiled in) that have only fuelled my enthusiasm. Always positive signs in any flourishing relationship.

 So what brought me here? I spent a lot of time in the past year writing marketing materials for digital start –ups. This was hugely insightful and although I have always enjoyed long form writing, (my sister still holds a grudge for all the times I ignored her as a child because I was writing ‘stories’) it did rather feel like I was trapped a purgatory of relentless dissertation writing. 

My clients had amazing ideas, but it was not guaranteed that what I wrote for them was going to be read by the people they needed to read it. Working in technology and being able to write about it was rewarding but lacked pace and was just not quite the right fit for me, hence the break up.

I needed a change and I knew that change had to be getting my first real job in PR, an industry I have admired from afar then set my sights on, in the least creepy way possible.

 My favourite thing about technology is the ability it has to give rise to change. It sounds like and is a cliché but I believe (in all aspects of life) that nothing ever changes until you start doing things differently. Technology is often the ‘differently’ enabler. Nobody is more of a game changer than those who create, build and market new technology because they saw a gap in the market so made their vision a reality. Those who have the skills and confidence to do that are truly inspiring.  There is no bigger opportunity to do that right now than in London.

One of the reasons I was drawn to Fieldhouse as the place to start my career in PR is because of the close working relationships they have with those involved in the London Venture Capital scene. For me, this sets them apart from other technology PR agencies.

Those investing in tech obviously see something promising in what they choose to fund and support, proven by the acquisition of Swiftkey by Microsoft last week. It is so much more rewarding to start my career working on accounts for bright start ups receiving funding and to be a part of their journey as my own career progresses. At FHA there is also the extra bonus of also working with better established businesses.

 In my first two weeks I learned about clients over lunch, attended an event at a law firm on innovation in healthcare AND made my daunting first calls to journalists. After being terrified on my first date (sorry, day) in the office, I soon realised what an excellent opportunity I have to be around my driven colleagues who are experts in the industry. Cordelia has created a lovely workplace culture and I have found the team to be actually ok* people too. The only bad thing to happen to me has been the unfortunate allocation of the nickname of ‘Mozza.’ Thanks a lot Richard Savage. Since its early days I’m willing to let that slide.

 *By ok I mean witty, intelligent and most importantly kind. But nobody likes a sycophant. 


By Laura Morrissey