My Week At Fieldhouse Associates

I am quite a shy 17 year old who has never really experienced working in the real world. I enjoy maths and physics and had never thought about any other fields of work such as PR.


On my first day Cordelia (my aunt) tried to explain to me what PR is - and the different types such as Fieldhouse Associates focus on B2B PR.


I think PR is about understanding an organization’s targets and helping manage their reputation and therefore success. It seems like an interesting and important sector.


I imagined a silent office with everyone completely focussed and stressed about their tasks they had to do, but it wasn’t like that at all. Everyone was very friendly and came across as quite relaxed and as if they loved their jobs and team. When I attended a staff meeting I realised how busy everyone was and how much work everyone had to do. A member of the team read out a long list of things that had to be done and I was impressed by the quantity, detail and how much everyone knew about each client/project but I guess that’s part of what this job is about.


One of the meetings I went to during the week was an interview between a journalist and a Fieldhouse Associates client. One of the topics they spoke about was freelancing. After the meeting I did some research; I found this really interesting because I didn’t really know what it was but it seems like it could impact the economy a lot as freelancing is ideal for people with specialised skills being able to work more flexible hours and for allowing businesses to find more targeted and better qualified talent to address their needs, typically at lower costs.


I also went to a new business meeting and found that I really didn’t like the idea behind the company we met. In my view, the people creating it have just wasted two years collecting data for an idea that won’t be worth the work. Other client ideas really impressed me though and seemed well thought out.


As the week went on I think I was a little less shy because everyone in the team is so nice and there is a great working environment where people are making jokes but getting things done.


I have found this week more interesting than I thought I would have. I have only really looked into careers in engineering and I thought that experiencing this kind of work wouldn’t be that useful - and that it was just an easy place to come because Cordelia is my aunt. But experiencing the commute, the office atmosphere, sitting in on meetings, doing research and even writing this blog have all helped. I think I had a very fixed mindset but the likelihood is I will have similar tasks no matter what job I get, so this week has helped a lot.


Obviously I had to be in by 9 so experienced the commute to work, being crushed on the tube and getting stuck waiting for tube gates to open. The journey was the only bad thing about this week!


By Sofia Gogi