Probably first PR agency outside of Google to try Google Glass

Here at FieldHouse we like innovations and early adopters. We usually spend a lot of our time surrounding ourselves with them in terms of our clients.... and not to mention the fact that we kinda tend to be some of the early adopters too


This morning was our regular client meeting with Somo and they had a small treat for us as part of the meeting. A demo and hands on experience of Google Glass. You can probably tell from my face here, that i was a little excited to try them on. 

I wanted to quickly blog some thoughts about Glass and the potential it has. I say potential as there's still some distance in terms of acceptance here. Remember that feeling you had about using an iPad in public when it had just launched? I can imagine it's kinda like that but x100 with wearing Glass out and about. 

It's pretty basic functionality at the moment given that a full software development kit has yet to be released (as Somo informed me). So given that, everything's running on HTML. The voice activation worked really well, taking photos, asking for directions, general search, but the whole timeline thing seemed to be a really painful way of having to search through everything. At one point in our catch up, Naji the Product Innovation Manager at Somo was looking for an email he'd sent this morning to demo some of the 'talk' functionality, but in order to find it, he had to scroll through today's timeline of events. For a search company, it seems a bit of a strange way to force people to search for something, but maybe it's something i'd get used to, or something that would really come in to it's own given a few tweaks.

If we're picking holes, then the screen in Glass could be made a little sharper and crisper, but it seems a little ridiculous to pick those sorts of holes in something that 10 years ago was pure and utter science fiction. 

The guys at Somo are working on a bunch of ideas to be developing on Glass and i can't wait to see how they progress and witness if and how Glass is accepted as a medium by the public.