The joys of being small

Mary Ann Evans, or ‘George Eliot’ as she had to be called at the time, said “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”.

It’s a quote I think of often - and when it comes to the world of public relations, its pretty relevant.

As an ex-journalist I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that I once thought ‘PRing’ was all glam events and fetching quotes. Maybe the odd long lunch and an early knock off to the pub too since I’m being honest.

I’m not going to lie – we do all those things in my adopted industry, but we also do a helluva lot more.

It’s the ‘helluva lot more’ bit, the combination of the small things that makes the comms pros and their agencies great.

Over my career I’ve sat in PLCs and been another phone number at media behemoths. It’s hard to get everything done at such places – mainly because for every little thing you do, there’s a process involved with doing it.

To file a story you have to log into a system. When writing a press release you have to stop every hour to fill in a time sheet. Its disruptive to what you are doing and I don’t mean in the good way usually associated with the tech scene. There’s none of that here at FieldHouse Associates – we’re just focused on doing what counts – getting results and making an impact. As I said good PR is made up of lots of little things so why add even more unnecessary processes to that?

Being small naturally means that many of our clients, particularly on the start-up side, are small too – and I say that with all respect intended. What’s the saying about dynamite and packages?

In my previous role I mainly worked with bigger companies, great companies, but HUGE companies. They also loved processes. Everything had to go through a system. Email him. Copy her in. Log a request. Wait. Miss the media opportunity.

It was frustrating. Infuriating even.

Dealing with smaller companies these processes are not there, or it least if they are, they haven’t evolved into the spiralling webs and red tape that exist in larger organisations.

We have access to the heart of the business. Many of our clients value PR far more than the big dogs at the multi-nationals. We can get the CEO on the phone or comment bashed out by the MD in a matter of minutes. It’s refreshing AND impressive – not just for me but also for the journalist who is on a deadline. After all, the media is fast paced and if you want tickets to the party you’ve got to get in line quick.

I love being a part of something that’s growing. Something that is small enough to be fresh and nimble, but large enough within its heart to compete with the biggest. While other agencies lumber, I think we dart. I’d much rather be a gazelle than an elephant when it comes to the media race if that makes sense?

As well as cutting through unnecessary processes as part of the start-up scene, I love the sense of community too. We’re all in this tech revolution together and it shows. The networking, the friendships that exist and the help everyone provides each other is phenomenal.

We might be the little guys, but we’re doing great things. We’re proving ‘Eliot’ right – A series of small things really does come together to create something great.