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20th February 2017

INCOPRO to showcase TALISMAN during Milan Fashion Week

London and Milan, Monday 20th February 2017 – Today, INCOPRO – the online brand protection company – has announced it will present its brand protection technology TALISMAN during Milan Fashion Week. The law firm M&R Europe, in partnership with INCOPRO, will be hosting an event on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at Palazzo Parigi in Milan. The aim is to educate selected fashion and luxury brands on how to combat rising online counterfeit and grey market issues. For example, an alarming 20% of Instagram posts feature counterfeit merchandise.

TALISMAN is the most comprehensive and intelligent brand protection solution. It can successfully track, prioritise, and enforce on all digital platforms that sell counterfeits or grey market products. A highly innovative system, TALISMAN is already being used by a number of luxury and fashion brands globally including Ted Baker in the UK. The technology intelligently connects data across social media accounts and web domains to chat apps and online marketplaces. TALISMAN clusters all these channels together so companies can enforce at scale. For one fashion brand, INCOPRO’s advanced clustering technology connected an online marketplace shop, a Facebook page promoting this shop, as well as an app used to sell counterfeit products. Following targeted enforcement efforts, INCOPRO succeeded in the complete removal of all infringing stock identified within the cluster.

Simon Baggs, CEO at INCOPRO and Partner and Head of IP at Wiggin LLP, commented: “We are excited to be presenting to a number of the world’s top fashion and luxury brands during Milan Fashion Week. TALISMAN can assist brands with reducing the visibility of counterfeit and grey market items for sale online. It works in a cost-efficient manner and enables the take down of, for example, Instagram posts advertising counterfeit goods at scale. TALISMAN is designed from a legal point of view and meets the requirements of many online platforms and registrars including notice sending in their local language. INCOPRO also has a team of multi-lingual analysts who work with brands, online platforms and registrars to ensure the efficient takedown of infringing items.”

Stephanie Rotelli of M&R Europe stated : “We are very pleased to be co-hosting this event with INCOPRO and present TALISMAN to selected fashion and luxury brands in Milan. As IP and IT specialist lawyers, we understand the uniqueness of TALISMAN as a brand protection technology platform and strongly believe that its use should be one of the top drivers in any truly innovative and effective marketing and legal strategy against on-line counterfeiting and grey market sales of fashion and luxury products.”

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