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23rd January 2017

Rochambeau introduces The Thinking Cap smart product concept at International Woolmark Prize Final 

The next ‘born digital’ product collaboration with The New StandAvery Dennison and EVRYTHNG

New York fashion label and International Woolmark Prize Menswear finalist, Rochambeau, today announced the launch of The Thinking Cap (, a #BornDigital™ concept creation that helps make the wearer smarter wherever they go.

The Thinking Cap is the second product designed through Rochambeau’s continued collaboration with IoT Smart Products Platform pioneer EVRYTHNG, Fortune 500® leader in apparel branding solutions Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) and hybrid retail/media company The New Stand. The New Stand is the idea group, media company and retail partner for Rochambeau garments powered by Avery Dennison’s branding technology and EVRYTHNG’s smart products platform.

Following the success of the BRIGHT BMBR smart jacket, The Thinking Cap concept is a hat that makes the wearer smarter and helps them experience the world around them in a more clever, and  intellectually-stimulating way. The hats, which include merino wool materials, incorporate NFC and QR labels that will effortlessly display information from a series of content partners on a mobile web page when scanned. The experience is available on any smartphone with no app download required and is designed for major cultural centers and destination cities like New York, Paris, London and Tokyo.

A variety of relevant information, entertainment, and enlightening, fun experiences can be delivered ‘in the moment’ to the wearer based on the time of day and environment they find themselves in, such as:

‘Under the skin’ tours of a city

The Thinking Cap can connect wearers to beautifully-produced GPS audio-led walking tours that take them beneath the surface of some of the greatest cities in the world. Narrated by locals who know the city best, tours are infused with cinematic scoring and storytelling by some of the best writers and sound designers.

Soundtracks to your city

The Thinking Cap can plug wearers into pivotal, historical moments through the power of music, all based on where they are. Whether they’re walking through the South Bronx and get presented with iconic tracks from the likes of Grand Master Flash and DJ Kool Herc, or strolling through the streets of Tokyo to a song from resident artists Babymetal or Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Podcasts of city culture

the Thinking Cap can also deliver podcast content relevant to that city location to help wearers connect to the poets, singers, storytellers and comedians in their environment. To learn about the ideas of Charles Dickens’ London, the community zeitgeist of 19th century of impressionists in Paris, or the inspiration behind some of Akira Kurosawa’s greatest work – helping wearers dive into the culture surrounding them, regardless of whether they’re in their home city or somewhere new.

Smarter, contextual news updates

The Thinking Cap will help deliver curated snippets of fresh, contextually relevant news  (“headlines for this location to make you smarter”) and information (“this day in history”) that wearers need to know to start their day, based on wherever they are in the world. The hat will pull the right content from partnering news outlets and serve it up at the right time and place.

Laurence Chandler, founder of  Rochambeau, commented: “We’ve always taken inspiration from the environment around us and a city’s creative spirit. With The Thinking Cap we wanted to continue our collaboration with EVRYTHNG, Avery Dennison, and The New Stand, and our collective commitment to #BornDigital™ smart products, to create something truly unique – a hat that gathers the creative DNA of a place, be it Paris, New York, or wherever the wearer finds themselves, to deliver a stimulating experience for the mind.”

Lex Kendall, COO and co-founder at The New Stand, commented: “We’re incredibly excited about continuing the collaboration following the success of the BRIGHT BMBR jacket. The New Stand is a company that collaborates with great creatives and technology companies to develop ‘New’ ideas and products, and then bring them to market with our network of digital and physical platforms. The Thinking Cap concept demonstrates this perfectly for a new generation of people who increasingly value experiences over things, with a desire to uncover and explore something ‘off the beaten track’. The Thinking Cap helps to combine the physical and digital worlds like never before.”

Julie Vargas, Director of  Digital Solutions at Avery Dennison, commented: “Avery Dennison prides itself on working with leaders in the apparel industry worldwide, and we’re excited to continue our collaboration with Rochambeau as one of the next generation of global fashion brands. Enabling concepts like The Thinking Cap, shows brands how smart labels with unique digital identities in the cloud can unlock valuable new experiences and marketing models for product owners, with fresh consumer-engagement opportunities and analytic insights for our retail brand customers.”

Andy Hobsbawm, CMO and co-founder at EVRYTHNG, commented: “Consumers have an overload of apps on their devices, hence we’re seeing the rise of new interfaces like wearables and voice. Part of the concept for The Thinking Cap is that products can now come with their own apps. A smarter product creates more interesting, more interactive, more characterful and more useful experiences on demand, curated just for us, without having to do all the work assembling them. We’re delighted to build on the success of the BRIGHT BMBR jacket and further demonstrate to brands how unique software identities in EVRYTHNG’s smart products cloud platform can give #BornDigital™ physical garments an interactive life on the Web.”

Rochambeau is showcasing The Thinking Cap as part of its collection for the International Woolmark Prize Menswear Final today held in Paris.

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