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29th March 2017

Ted Baker Combats Counterfeiters with INCOPRO

London – 29th March 2017 – INCOPRO, the online brand protection company, today announces it has been selected by Ted Baker, the global lifestyle brand, to identify and enforce against counterfeit products on social media, websites and online market places. The agreement will allow Ted Baker to enforce against infringements of Ted Baker’s intellectual property rights.

Counterfeiting is a perpetual problem for brands today, partly thanks to the Internet, which has made it easier for criminals to market and sell fake goods to a wider audience. Ted Baker wants to tackle the issue head on, targeting networks of professional counterfeiters rather than individual infringers. The global brand selected INCOPRO as its technology partner due to its dynamic approach and clear understanding of the specific issue it faces globally, and how best to use both technology as well as IP knowledge to tackle them.

“As a brand that has a no advertising policy, instead relying on the power of word of mouth and out of the ordinary marketing, it’s imperative that we’re able to protect the brand we’ve carefully cultivated over the first 30 years,” said Craig Smith, Brand Communication Director at Ted Baker. “In the short time we’ve been working with INCOPRO we’ve already seen just how effective its technology is and have no doubt it will prove invaluable in protecting our IP.”

INCOPRO will use its proprietary technology platform TALISMAN to gather intelligence of infringements on social media, online marketplaces and domains in real-time. TALISMAN will also cluster the data, allowing INCOPRO and Ted Baker to identify and target networks of offenders across marketplaces, domains and social media accounts.  With the insights provided, INCOPRO’s team of multi-lingual analysts and legal experts will be able to take the necessary steps to issue enforcements and connect online and offline issues.

Since beginning its work with Ted Baker in January, INCOPRO has already had an impact on the business. So far, it has reduced breaches of the brand’s intellectual property rights on a popular Taiwanese marketplace by 99 per cent, and a working relationship with a French marketplace has resulted in 92 per cent fewer infringements on the site. In addition, INCOPRO’s advanced clustering technology connected an online marketplace shop, a Facebook page promoting the shop and an app used to sell counterfeit products. Targeted enforcement efforts resulted in the complete removal of all infringing stock identified within the cluster.

“Ted Baker is no ordinary designer label, and we’re delighted to be partnering with one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands, to help protect its brand online,” said Simon Baggs, CEO, INCOPRO. “Many counterfeiting operations are hugely professional and almost impossible to take-down if targeted one at a time. Our clustering technology allows us to identify key targets and ensure our enforcement efforts are aimed at destroying the most prolific networks of infringers. Because of this, our clients quickly see greater, measurable impact from their efforts.”

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