London, 16 January 2014: Audi UK and Somo (, the largest independent global mobile solutions company, are delighted to announce that the Audi Mileage Tracker app, launched to help business drivers monitor and share the miles they travel, has scooped Best Company Car App at the prestigious SME Company Car of the Year Awards.


The Audi Mileage Tracker, developed by Somo, differentiates Audi from the competition by allowing real-time tracking of car journeys using GPS mapping. Travel costs are then calculated automatically and the details of tracked journeys can be emailed from within the app, making logging expenses efficient and effortless.


Drivers can programme regular trips in to the app, recall them from the app’s log, or use the simple start/stop function to track new journeys. The app, enabled for use across the UK, USA, China, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, records the exact distance travelled from door to door, even if road works or traffic jams cause deviation from a regular route. The handy app means drivers no longer need to remember the details of their travel, or risk under-claiming for expenses. Through the app, drivers can also easily locate the nearest Audi Centre and access the Audi Difference Guide. Drivers also have the option to back up and restore their data via iCloud, so mileage data can be accessed anywhere.


Maani Safa, VP Creative & Innovation said: “The Audi Mileage Tracker app is one of the many things we’re proud of when talking about our work with Audi. It’s been extremely well received in the industry and does exactly what great technology is supposed to: saves time and makes life much easier. While there are many fads in technology, Somo and Audi are dedicated to making cutting-edge technology that adds value and delivers a far superior customer experience.”


Nathan Dennis, Communications Manager at Audi UK, said: “Companies are always looking for ways to be more efficient, especially during tough times. New technology should be integrated into the driving experience. Audi and Somo are determined to use the latest mobile technologies to help cut waste and speed up business processes, whether that is internally for ourselves, or for car drivers. This really is progress and makes a big difference to business travel.”




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