Ten start-ups selected for Accelerator Academy’s next semester

£3m already invested into Accelerator Academy companies

London, 3 June 2013 – The Accelerator Academy, enabling ambitious early stage and start-up entrepreneurs to build better businesses faster to increase their appeal to investors, has announced the 10 businesses selected to participate in its fifth 12-week programme.

The Accelerator Academy is a successful and established 12-week high growth training and mentoring part-time programme for ambitious digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, through training, mentoring and access to capital. The programme ‘market tests’ business ideas and models in order to give entrepreneurs the best chance of success and ensure they’re investor-ready.  

The weekly Academy classroom sessions and workshops, and fortnightly Accelerator Clinics, cover marketing, branding, product development, sales, recruitment, legals, and financials – all taught by leaders in their fields such as John Webb from Rackspace; Paola Cuneo from UKTI; Graham Stedman from Nabarro; Tim Kitchin from BCS and Natasha Frangos from Haysmacintyre.  In addition, all participants are mentored by a successfully exited tech entrepreneur, and receive an array of extra benefits including offers and discounts from various partners and sponsors.  Upon successfully completing the programme, each business is admitted to the Accelerator Academy Alumni.

The 10 selected start-ups, chosen from a field of over 100 applications, are:


Abitron is a project management based business launching “BabyTap” - Childrens’ educational apps

Drill Board

DrillBoard is a powerful soccer education tool that allows coaches, players and parents to create, save and share - drills, tactics and match analysis.


Fluentify connects language learners with real native speakers around the world.


Giverr.org helps raise money for worthwhile causes. Services include online giving for charities and online fundraising for any worthwhile cause.


InVibe has democratized online gifting for small / medium merchants creating a real-time location based gifting solution that satisfies customers’ desire of being in touch with the ones they care about.


KnowHowMart.com is a two-sided market place for ‘Expert Knowledge’ using techniques proven in the sale of tangibles. It allows experts to easily monetise their know-how...and allow business people to buy expertise in smaller, cheaper units.

Living Indie

Living Indie’s aim is to be the online streaming portal of reference for watching, live, a great selection of concerts and festivals.


Sociolus is a gamified social media content aggregator. Users' activity turns into points, Sociolus provides analytics, and a platform for brands to track their affinity.


Twizoo is a search tool that simulates user reviews from geo-tagged Twitter data, and enables businesses to Tweet offers at the point of customer search.


Zaawi is a mobile and web promotional platform which helps businesses to target their neighbourhood using geo-location.

“Our initiative continues to inspire entrepreneurialism in the UK with a programme designed to grow chosen start-ups even before investment. We are delighted to be working with the 10 chosen businesses in our fifth semester,” said Ian Merricks, Managing Partner at White Horse Capital and founder and driver of The Accelerator Academy Programme.




About Accelerator Academy

The Accelerator Academy has delivered four 12 week semesters, providing part time intensive training, mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and access to seed capital to emerging tech / TMT entrepreneurs, typically in their first year of launch. Each semester receives 100+ applicants and the top 10% are carefully selected through business plan reviews and interviews. It is based at the Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon, which was created by seasoned entrepreneurs, the City of London Corporation and IWGROW to help high-tech and high-impact startup businesses achieve sustainable growth.


The initiative is sponsored by NatWest, RackSpace, Haysmacintyre and FieldHouse Associates – alongside Nabarro, Pitmans and the Innovation Warehouse


During the first four semesters:

-     47 businesses have taken part in the programme

-     Over 150 hours of training have taken place across 48 sessions

-     480 hours of 1:1 mentoring have occurred

-     12 clinics (incl legal, finance, sales, marketing, presentation, IP) have taken place

-     5 investor events have been held (with a combined attendance of nearly 500 early stage investors and supporters).


About White Horse Capital

White Horse Capital is one of London’s leading early stage investment advisory businesses. Involved in c£100m of transactions each year, encompassing Series A and B investments and M&A advisory for growth stage tech, media and telecoms (TMT) companies. It was established in 2008 by experienced TMT entrepreneurs to provide commercial and corporate development services to business owners and investors. White Horse Capital has funded the launch of the Accelerator Academy and created the syllabus and recruited the delivery team.