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22nd March 2018 Agency

Oh what a year 2018 was

‘Anthony blog duty’ popped up as a calendar alert about two weeks ago.  The very fact it was unaccepted and referenced a ‘duty’ says everything you need to know about where it sits in the mortar barrage of agency life.  I tried to ignore it; but got ‘reminded’ by the boss.

Given I need to avoid doing this again for the next year, I have decided to cover off my annual ‘blog duties’ in one efficient post listicle:

  • Is the press release dead? Probably, a bit. Not sure. Yes? Dammit one just worked. No? No.
  • Something thinky about blockchain.
  • Did you see what <insert journalist> did to <insert PR person / pitch> on <social media place>.  < insert generic fence sitting opinion >
  • AI! Run and hide.
  • News has changed. Oh wait, a story is still a story.  Phew.
  • Content eh? Lots of THAT.
  • Good Facebook / Bad Facebook / Bye Facebook / Facebook is back.
  • We should be keyword optimizing product launch releases to game automated news rooms.
  • Emoji’s in corporate statements.  🙂  or 🙁
  • In 2019, communications will make predictions unlawful.

See you next year.

Update: Apparently this is correctly characterized as a ‘listicle’  and not a blog post. This is reflected in the above post listicle.

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