5th October 2018 Agency

Yo FieldHouse, we did it!

FieldHouse Associates is the Investor Allstars Service Provider of the Year.

Service. Provider. Of the year.

It’s got a nice ring to it, hasn’t it?

In a way, being presented with this award last night shouldn’t have been a surprise. After all, we are fiercely proud of the impact we can, and do, bring to the investors we work with.

But when the shortlist was announced a few weeks ago, we had pretty much accepted that to have made the list at all – and to get that name-check and logo-flash on stage as the presenter reeled through the contenders – would be achievement enough, for this year at least. Looking down the list and seeing one corporate juggernaut after another certainly gave us the air of the underdog.

And then it happened. “The winner is… FieldHouse Associates!”

Initial reaction: shock. Shock, and some definitively 12A language. Shock that quickly turned to giddy, joyful pride.

On behalf of Cordelia and the rest of the team, some massive thank-yous. First, to the judges, for recognising that you don’t have to be big yourself to make a big difference to the success of investors. Second, to all the FieldHouse clients – both past and present – who have helped us get to this point, and who added cheers from around the room to our own whooping and hollering. Finally, of course, to each other, for the hard work and the good times.

Winning this award, judged by leading figures from the innovation and investment ecosystem to which we dedicate ourselves daily, winning in front of so many more people from that world, and winning it ahead of the accountants, lawyers, and other big corporate advisors on the shortlist, means an enormous amount to us.

But there will be no resting on laurels. Our work continues (albeit with perhaps some slightly sore heads this morning).


Iain Alexander

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