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Psyomics secures £1.5m funding to transform mental health diagnosis in the UK

Built on robust clinical foundations, Censeo mirrors the rich process of a face-to-face psychiatric assessment, guiding a user through a series of adaptive questions. Smart algorithms perform a detailed and bespoke analysis, creating a ‘map’ of an individual’s mental health, providing diagnosis where appropriate and enabling a clear treatment pathway. Censeo supports GPs and clinicians […]

£7m injection into fast growth ‘fintech behind the fintechs’: Third Financial

Private equity firm Grafton Capital has invested £7 million into Third Financial, the fast growing, innovative investment platform and software provider. Grafton Capital’s investment takes it to majority ownership of the business, with £1.5m of fresh capital being injected onto the balance sheet. The deal follows previous investment rounds in 2015 (£2.5m), 2016 (£1.5m) and […]

The pandemic has highlighted founders with superb ideas and wheedled out journeyman entrepreneurs

FieldHouse Associates associate director Iain Alexander spoke to Chris about earlier this month about the impact of the pandemic on the startup and VC ecosystem, and on Chris and NOTWICS itself. Through your consultancy and pitch events you very much have your finger on the pulse of the early-stage startup and investment community. What’s your […]

From the storm clouds of COVID, we’re all re-establishing what growth looks like

As we come out from the storm clouds of COVID, we are re-establishing what growth now looks like for Trapeze HR. The desire, levels of passion, and how we operate haven’t changed, it’s simply that the shape of this growth looks a bit different to what we’d envisaged at the start of this year. With […]

Prospering in a complex and confusing intersection between business and politics

Like every part of the UK economy, the tech sector has had to adapt rapidly to the short-term challenges of Covid-19. This has meant protecting staff, nurturing clients, securing funding and cashflow, meeting potential partners and customers in a period of unique and unprecedented economic uncertainty. In some ways, it’s been ahead of the curve […]

All aboard The Entrepreneur Ship: changing the world for the better, one business at a time…

Have you ever felt like you’re on a treadmill? That you’ve just got to do something different? Something completely outside your comfort zone? Something real?! It was the summer of 2019. At the age of 66, and after more than 40 years of being on the business front line advising entrepreneurs and their businesses, I […]

Good Growth: Unlocking the power of digital for women entrepreneurs – why events, digital or otherwise, are so important 

In the current climate, it seems like everyday I receive another link for a webinar or virtual event. I eagerly attended a few at the beginning of lockdown and continued to sign up to more that interested me or provided value for clients, but recently I have found myself saying no a lot more than […]

Immersive technology startup Condense Reality raises £800k seed round led by SFC Capital to transform the experience of watching live events

Condense Reality has developed a system for streaming hologram-style 3D “volumetric video” of live events alongside a normal television broadcast, with the potential to bring entertainment and sport to life on the tabletop to complement the on-screen action. BT Sport is the startup’s first customer, following a collaboration between Condense Reality, BT Sport, and the […]

Why we launched a PR-by-subscription service for startups

In May, FieldHouse Associates was named the fastest-growing UK tech PR agency in the PRovoke Fast Movers 2020 index. We built our reputation serving the brightest investment firms and the fast-growth technology companies they help fund. But too often, the earliest stage startups can’t afford the PR they really need to get the first momentum […]

8 things every startup should know about PR before hiring an agency

Startups could be forgiven for wondering about the value of PR. Even the most established businesses grapple with issues of budgeting, measurement, and what they hope to achieve when they initiate conversations with agencies. Many know they need it and can see their competitors doing it – especially when they keep spotting them in the […]

Investing in myself: opening my eyes to the startup world

Before interning at FieldHouse, I was like many other Gen Z young adults – stuck inside and wondering how to use my time productively before the start of the new academic year. Fear that I wasn’t “investing in myself” drove me to apply for a (virtual) internship, as by now – having held marketing and […]

10×10 Fund launch: #BLM and the importance of investor allyship

This was the focal point of the 10×10 Fund’s launch during London Tech Week, as the event What Active Allyship Looks Like in London’s Tech Scene sought to explore the undeniable privilege that is rife in the ecosystem – something many of us are often far too awkward about or oblivious of to talk about […]