We believe that companies live and die
by the impact they make: on people;
on their community;
on industries; on the world

That's why everything we do is motivated by one simple question:
How will this help you achieve your business goals?

Our Approach

No coverage for coverage's sake. No vanity projects that do nothing but massage egos. No crazy creative.

Just strategic counsel and effective execution that gets you doing what you need to do —
whether that's attracting investors, growing your team, launching a new product,
winning over new customers, or building towards an exit or IPO.

What impact do you want to make?


Our Values

No other PR agency sits where we do: at the intersection of all things
technology, innovation, and investment. We have a unique
perspective that enables us to do the best possible work for clients
across this ecosystem.

We're a fast-growth company ourselves, so we understand the
challenges and opportunities our clients face better than anyone.
Beyond our fundamental belief in creating impact, a few simple
values drive what we do:

PR has to be about more than just media relations — securing great coverage will always be our bread and butter, but we have put huge time and energy into cultivating a diverse network that helps our clients in countless different ways.

Press coverage is not an end in and of itself — it’s a means to bringing about the real result: making a difference to your business.

Hourly rates are pointless — what matters to us (and to our clients) is our results and the impact they generate, not how long it takes us to achieve them.

Transparency, honesty, and constructive criticism are vital — if we don’t think it’s  the right thing to do, we’ll tell you. And, more importantly, we’ll tell you why and suggest a better alternative.

We keep close to clients — we’d hate to be ‘just another supplier’. We work best as an extension of your internal leadership, marketing, and communications teams.


Our Network


FieldHouse Associates was founded with the aim of creating a network of clients and friends who would all find each other interesting and useful if they were in the same room.

That’s why we’re deeply embedded in the technology, innovation, and investment ecosystem, in a way that no other PR agency is. We have real relationships with everyone in our network — from startups to investors, professional services firms to the biggest industry events.


A selection of the events and organisations we're proud to partner with:



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