As much about business consultancy as communications

FieldHouse Associates has had a fundamental impact on a number of businesses - from working with senior Silicon Valley executives on integrated global communications strategies, to building the reputation of Europe’s leading venture capital firm, to working with the Royal Family on its initiative to support British entrepreneurs.

Our Approach

First, we understand what you are trying to achieve. Not just press coverage, but strategic goals that will change your business if achieved, such as attracting investors, acquiring talent, demonstrating product leadership, or building towards an exit.

Next, we look at the data and market context to develop positioning and communications strategy, creating the ideas that delivery feeds off.

Then, we execute. This is typically a mixture of traditional media relations, digital, and real-life networking.

Finally, we continually refresh our ideas. The space never stands still, so neither do we.


Our Beliefs

We live and breathe innovation and the people and businesses in this space. It’s a sector you need to be immersed in to truly understand.

We are obsessed with making a positive impact for those we represent. There is no time-wasting, no vanity projects, no excuses; just strategic counsel and effective execution.

We also believe in the power of ideas, of telling compelling stories across media, digital, and in person.

Finally, we truly believe in enjoying our work. We choose clients who we find interesting and build long-lasting, honest relationships.


Our Network


FieldHouse Associates was founded with the aim of creating a network of clients and friends who would all find each other interesting and useful if they were in the same room.

That’s why we’re deeply embedded in the technology, innovation, and investment ecosystem, in a way that no other communications agency is. We have real relationships with everyone in our network — from startups to investors, professional services firms to the biggest industry events.


A selection of the events and organisations we're proud to partner with:



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