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  • 20th August 2018

    For your listening pleasure

    According to Wikipedia, the word ‘podcast’ is a portmanteau formed by combining ‘ipod’ and ‘broadcast’. It was ‘created’ by journalist Ben Hammersley back in 2004. The year before, a weekly chat show launched by Matt Schichter called ‘the BackStage Pass’ was thought to be the first podcast despite it not yet having a category name. […]

  • 25th July 2018

    I told you I was ill…

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had somewhat of an enforced break. One week into July and I contracted glandular fever, although it took a week and a half to get that diagnosis. In that time, it bounced from being tonsillitis to a Quinsy and then after six trips to the doctor and a […]

  • 20th April 2018

    The Good, The Bad and The Techy

    Headphones in, head down, tablet or phone out and, most importantly, as little human interaction as possible. The typical city-dweller’s commute has become something of a caricature these days – even adverts on the London underground are poking fun at the awkward disconnect that takes stage within their confines. But this narrative is nothing new. It’s one canonical work that has […]

  • 20th February 2018

    The Wi-Fighters: This Century’s Luddites?

    Walk through the creative district of any city across the UK and you will notice a new phenomenon, hastily typed signs on the doors of coffee shops declaring a lack of Wi-Fi connectivity and discouraging the use of us laptops and mobile devices altogether. Especially here in central London, these no-network cafes are becoming more […]

  • 28th June 2017

    Hello, my name is Nicola Harrison and I am an addict.

    I can’t live without it, it is with me constantly. It impacts my life and my relationships. If I don’t have it I get clammy, my heart races – I feel lost. I am addicted to my phone. I work “part time” as a Director for a fast growing business, I am a mother of […]