AeroVironment joins Seraphim Space Camp as Corporate Sponsor


AeroVironment, a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems for both defence and commercial applications, has joined Seraphim Space Camp, Seraphim Capital’s SpaceTech accelerator, as a corporate sponsor to support the programme in 2019.

FieldHouse Associates

AeroVironment is the fourth new sponsor of Seraphim Space Camp accelerator in 2019 and will be joining an impressive collective of supporting high-profile corporate organisations who are engaged with the programme.

With an increasing amount of drone-based solutions making waves in the SpaceTech ecosystem, four of Seraphim Capital’s portfolio are drone companies, the expertise AeroVironment will bring to the accelerator will have a hugely positive impact on the start-ups selected.

AeroVironment’s involvement in the accelerator, supports its Innovation strategy as it scours the globe to discover the latest developments in security, energy and infrastructure management enabled by drone technologies.

Steven Gitlin, AeroVironment Vice President of Corporate Strategy:

“Participating in the Seraphim Space Camp provides us with valuable access to an innovative and relevant cadre of global entrepreneurs. We look forward to working with Seraphim and its next Space Camp mission to foster new ideas and capabilities that can contribute to our dynamic industry.”

Rob Desborough, Seraphim Space Camp Director:

“With the SpaceTech ecosystem really taking-off in the UK it’s great to have our first US corporate sponsor. Companies that are utilising drone technology are a significant theme in sector focus and the AeroVironment relationship brings an invaluable wealth of experience and expertise in this area”.