Target Global portfolio company DocPlanner raises €80m Series E round


The leading global healthcare booking platform DocPlanner has today announced the closing of a €80 million Series E financing round. This brings the total raised by DocPlanner to approximately €130 million, solidifying its position among the best-funded digital healthcare players globally with operations on 4 continents. One Peak Partners and Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing are leading the round, with existing investors Piton Capital and ENERN Investments also participating.

FieldHouse Associates

DocPlanner is a rapidly growing leading digital healthcare platform offering a suite of marketing and software services to doctors and clinics with the aim of delivering better and more efficient healthcare. The company provides free doctor reviews and booking for patients via its online marketplace. In addition, DocPlanner offers doctors and clinics a SaaS tool used to optimise their patient flow, reduce no-shows, and digitize their practices in order to be able to spend more time with the patient and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes.


Funds will be used in a number of strategic areas. DocPlanner will continue penetrating its core markets in Europe and Latin America with its SaaS-based marketplace offering. The company will continue to pursue R&D to offer innovative software to doctors and clinics. This will involve expansion of its sales, customer success, product development, legal/compliance and marketing teams across geographies. DocPlanner recently surpassed 1,000 employees globally and doesn’t expect to slow down anytime soon, with nearly 100 positions currently open.


Finally, the company may pursue bolt-on acquisitions of young, innovative cloud-based software companies to accelerate growth. Having acquired and successfully integrated competitors in Turkey and Spain (2014 and 2016, respectively), DocPlanner will consider such opportunities going forward to complement its organic growth initiatives.


Mariusz Gralewski, founder and CEO of DocPlanner, said:

“This fresh funding comes at the best moment in the company’s history. The growth rate in our core business is accelerating and we’re seeing more opportunities in our space, both in terms of customer segment and product offering, as the health tech market matures. Since our last funding round, we’ve focused on the core marketplace and SaaS business; now we are making a concentrated push into new growth areas. This is an exciting time for DocPlanner, patients, doctors and partners alike.”


Rytis Vitkauskas, Venture Partner at Target Global, said:

“Since our original investment in 2016, DocPlanner has grown to become an undisputed leader in multiple countries across Europe and Latin America, redefining how easy and delightful it can be for patients to find and book doctor appointments while enabling doctors to work more effectively and productively. With its patient-first approach, constant product innovation and a world class leadership team, DocPlanner is ideally positioned to become a seminal, enduring company in this exciting space. Digital innovation in healthcare remains a highly strategic area of investment interest for Target Global.”