Industry Q&A: Andrew Richardson, MD, Home Grown Members Club


Home Grown is the first private members club in London for the entrepreneurially-minded. It is primarily, but not exclusively, for high-growth entrepreneurs, investors and their advisors.

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Launched in April 2019, the club is backed by the group behind Home House – the award-winning luxury private members club in Marylebone. Home Grown supports the growth of success of high-growth businesses with a programme of highly curated events, networking sessions that deliver meaningful connections, and 35 beautifully-appointed yet affordable rooms in the heart of London.

Why might high-growth entrepreneurs want to become a member of Home Grown?

We’re more than just a place to work. Becoming a member offers unrivalled access to bespoke events programme designed to touch on themes that have been previously highlighted as top priorities for entrepreneurs. These events look at investment, personal development, people, access to market and infrastructure.

Members also get access to facilities of the highest quality, including restaurants, Study Cafe, a bar and a series of drawing rooms and lounges. For those who cannot pull themselves away, there are also 35 bedrooms that members can opt to stay in for the night!

While the club is aimed at entrepreneurs, can other members of the ecosystem join and what benefits will they get from membership?

Absolutely. Our existing members aren’t limited to just entrepreneurs – we have business leaders, service providers, investors, and more on our books. Home Grown is all about the community spirit and network that comes from members, and we welcome anyone, no matter what stage of their growth journey. Just as long as they have a hunger to connect and develop.

One of the unique things about Home Grown is its events programme. What kind of events will you be offering and what’s coming up?

Our events calendar is highly curated to touch on themes and issues faced by entrepreneurs at all stages of their growth journey. Whether it’s investment, staffing, or anything else, we want to focus on practical advice and guidance.

So far, we’ve have had events with pitch coaches, who offer guidance on structuring your business pitch for maximum impact, a Women in Tech Panel discussion, The Health Concierge, which looks at the effects of health tech. Beyond the norm, we’re organising a trip to a gin distillery at the end of June – which we think may well be very popular…

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs in the UK today?

Of course, the most obvious challenge is navigating the Brexit maze and how the second half of the year will pan out concerning this. Beyond this, there is always the tricky subject of funding and how you put growth plans into place. Growing a business from the ground-up is an all-encompassing endeavour, and it can be difficult to extract yourself from the minutiae of the day-to-day.