Why PR became my career of choice despite growing up around journalism


Having recently left university I’m just getting started in my career, but having spent plenty of time understanding journalism, among other fields, I realised that PR is where I want to be and how I can make an impact

Finn Macintyre
Junior Account Executive

Hello! My name is Finn and I am thrilled to be the latest member of the FieldHouse team. A little about me: I grew up in Paris and Washington, moving to the UK when I was eight. Having grown up (relatively sane) in a family of journalists, I am familiar with what it takes to create a good story. The news of the day was the subject at the breakfast table and I devoured it with my Rice Krispies – along with an understanding of how precious a commodity attention in the public sphere is, and an appreciation for the value of novelty and narrative. I am fascinated by developments in business, politics and society, and how current affairs are reflected in the media.

After leaving school I was fortunate enough to travel to America and work at The Wall Street Journal and United States Senate. This experience, and my time at Manchester University studying Politics and International Relations, focused me on communications and helped me zero in on the kind of environment I wanted to work in: fast-paced, dynamic, interpersonal and varied. Based on that, I believe PR is the answer and that FieldHouse is the perfect fit.

Speaking of fit, I love keeping active, particularly through squash and rugby – however, I’ve had to make the recent transition from player of the latter to viewer as my mother has banned me from breaking any more bones. I also love to read and am highly proficient in watching an entire TV series in a day, which demonstrates my dedication and attention to detail. I also write now and again and hope to have my novel finished sometime in the next 30 years – but rest assured I’m much speedier when working with my clients.

My goal is not just a job, but a career in PR. When the opportunity to work at FieldHouse came up, I knew it was exactly the sort agency I wanted to join. FieldHouse sits at the cutting edge of the future of PR: innovative technologies, startups, cybersecurity and energy have long been interests of mine and it is clear that FieldHouse is deeply embedded in those industries, enabling it to provide a highly specialised service.

I really believe the work of many FieldHouse clients is extraordinary – so I can imagine nothing more fulfilling than helping these pioneering companies realise their potential and make the impact they deserve. I am thrilled to get going at this agency and make an impact of my own.

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