Becoming part of a team that walks the walk


Working in PR for several years can make you think you’ve seen a lot of what the industry offers, but FieldHouse showed me something different.

Max Daniels
Senior Account Manager

Having worked across a range of agencies, you soon pick up the jargon that’s often used to describe a modern comms business: “we think differently…”, “we’re not like others…”, “we’re rule breakers…” – the list goes on. 

But FieldHouse didn’t need to say those things: they showed them. 

FieldHouse captured my interest as soon as I looked at the website. The values the agency holds are – by its own admission – honest, respectful, and ambitious, while its BaseCamp is a fresh way of supporting clients. I was keen to know more. 

My meeting with Cordelia and Iain solidified those good vibes. It’s rare to speak with the founder and an associate director in your first interview, but that showed the type of agency I was dealing with. Even when faced with nine people in a virtual presentation, I felt at ease. By the end of my final interview, I knew this would be a fantastic place to work. 

Since starting my career in 2015, I’ve always had that thread of technology running through my role. Working across both small and large agencies, I’ve helped clients stand out from the crowd. I’m excited to bring those skills to FieldHouse and its range of clients. 

I’m always working to get my clients recognised – be it through speaking with the press, featuring in articles, or advising on long-term planning. The opportunity to comment on key events, respond to industry changes, or play on pop-culture can elevate your brand. It’s that host of options that makes me love this industry. 

The tech scene is constantly evolving, and even consumer-focused brands are having to think with a corporate mindset. FieldHouse’s attention on investment looks at the entire life of a brand – not just its early stages. I’m excited about getting stuck in and seeing what amazing stuff we can do together.