What’s next for climate change?


This week saw us attend the London Climate Technology Show 2022. Spanning two days, investors, academia, entrepreneurs, governments, and global companies were all under the same roof to discuss a number of pivotal topics – from the connection between global leadership and the climate crisis, to London’s rise as global tech hub.

FieldHouse Associates


Day One – London’s investment power 

If there was one key takeaway from Beverley Gower-Jones, Managing Partner at Clean Growth Fund, it was the might of London and UK investment power into climate tech. The UK ranks fourth globally for climate tech investment, and London is the second city globally for number of rounds raised by climate tech startups. 

If we want to continue this winning streak and truly make a difference, the Government needs to act quickly, cautioned Charles Wood, Deputy Director of Policy at Energy UK. The call for evidence for MP Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review will give businesses and the general public an opportunity to really prove that Net Zero equals growth, and that it is for the benefit of everyone.


Day Two – Technology transition is the key

Day Two shone a spotlight on innovative technology being utilised and deployed to achieve Net Zero. David Cole, Director at KBR Project Solutions, broke down the benefits of applying automation technology to accelerate low-carbon project execution and quantify lifecycle carbon emissions. These technologies hold immense potential for climate adaptation and mitigation, and provide a truly innovative solution to tackle the climate crisis.

If we are to address climate change effectively, it’s going to require a complete transition to a low-carbon economy. There’s no doubt that this will be a challenge, but investing in clean renewable technology brings substantial opportunities to jumpstart innovation, boost sustainable growth, and make crucial progress in the most important fight we have ever faced – the fight for the planet.


We have the solutions, now governments need to mobilise them 

The event wasn’t only wisdom-sharing and calls to action, but also a room full of climate-saving minds. Though all different, the companies showcasing their strategies and models all had two things in common: a Net Zero focus, and a sense of urgency. 

Tackling climate change will require working toward shared goals, such as developing solutions to scale carbon capture or decarbonise infrastructure, which the companies at the London Climate Technology showed already exist.

Large-scale adoption won’t be easy, and time is not on our side. But innovation is.