Onwards and upwards!


It had been in my grand plan to advance my career by moving to London for a while. However, the biggest hurdle was finding the right agency – one that that suited not only my career goals but also me and my personality.

Kelly Scanlon


As relocating is quite a big leap to take, I had to make sure I was going to go to the right place. Having worked in a small agency for more than a year, I had naturally gained a clear idea of the kind of professional I was as well as the kind of agency I thought was best for me.

So, when I went for my first interview at FieldHouse, I couldn’t believe how perfect it seemed. You know you’re onto a winner when you leave an interview buzzing! Most interviews follow a similar format: a series of questions followed by answers you’ve prepared extensively. However, my first interview at FieldHouse felt different.

In the first interview, I met with Iain and Aidan, and it was so exciting for a number of reasons. One of which was just how well we got on. As well as covering everything you’d expect in a professional interview, we quickly got to talking about hobbies and interests, such as music taste (always appreciate fellow Arctic Monkeys fans!), my love of fan conventions, and what’s hot on Netflix.

It felt like having a chat with your mates, which is why when I was called back for a second interview to meet Cordelia and Tom, I was absolutely over the moon. The second interview was equally as relaxed and warm, and I left with the same feeling of excitement!

After the interviews, I knew that if I was offered the job I’d accept it in a heartbeat. So, when I did get the offer, you can imagine the excitement! Working for a top agency in the heart of London alongside inspiring professionals? Yes please!

Everything about FieldHouse – from the team culture to their passion to do truly great, impactful work – was really attractive to me. The wonderful thing about FieldHouse is that everyone seems approachable, fun, and dynamic, but also very focused. Therefore, I immediately knew that this was a place where you can be yourself and a valued member of a great team. As well as the team culture, I can safely say that all of the experience behind those at FieldHouse makes me excited to challenge and better myself.

Since securing a position at FieldHouse, Cordelia and the team have done nothing but made me feel welcomed and excited. I felt in my stomach that FieldHouse was the best next step for me, and I’m so glad I trusted my instinct on this one – can’t wait to get started!