FieldHouse Spring Newsletter: Covid, entrepreneurship, and getting back to the office


We all got through 2020 – somehow – and we came into 2021 full of hope for the post-Covid world… but the world made us wait a bit longer… It had to get worse before it got better!

Cordelia Meacher
Founder & Managing Director

Many colleagues, friends and family have found the first four months of 2021 the hardest part of the crisis by far. This lockdown has felt really long, stressful and depressing – a result of the awful weather perhaps, and reaching the end of our tethers.

At FieldHouse, we’ve tried our hardest to keep the team safe and happy during these difficult times. We introduced mental health support platform Spill; offered duvet days; gave a little extra weekly cash to each person to make themselves a bit jollier when times were dark; and of course organised various online socials (including neon sign-making, which was hilarious!).

I’m proud of how we’ve navigated Covid together but, thankfully, there’s now light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

The vaccination programme has been wonderful to behold, and within a few days we’ll be able to hug human beings again – and even sit inside a friend’s house or a restaurant without the meal blowing away – what luxury!

Covid’s impact on the economy generally has been unsurprising. However, in our wonderful world of high-growth tech and investment – while of course there have been struggles – it’s been incredible to see people’s ability to adapt their businesses; to witness the speed of the widespread adoption of technology; and to be part of a team that has pulled together and successfully navigated its way through this crisis.

And now, here we are in May 2021, and FieldHouse is seeing an influx of new business across both fast-growth tech and venture; a huge feeling of optimism in the team as we get back to the office (and actually meet our seven new staff members hired remotely in real life!); and we start to be able to plan for the future.

Realistically, we all need some time to recover for the rest of 2021 – but that does not mean we at FieldHouse will be resting on our laurels! We have exciting plans and I hope this newsletter will give you a feel of that. Plus, 2022 is our ten-year anniversary and we can’t wait to celebrate…

Hope to see you very soon in the flesh! Thank you, as ever, for all your support.


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