A brand new city and a brand new career path


One morning earlier this year I woke up and felt like something needed to change. Being more than a year into a global pandemic at the time, admittedly I probably wasn’t alone in having that sensation. But this didn’t feel like something that could be fixed with a bit of online retail therapy or a new series to binge on Netflix.

Callum Wiggins
Account Manager

For the past eight years I had been living in Hong Kong. I was enjoying my work, travelling, getting everything out of life that such a dynamic city can offer; it was a place where I felt very much at home. But as the day wore on, I realised this was a feeling I’d always known would come eventually – it was the feeling that I wanted to return home.


And so, a few months later, I had packed my bags, said my goodbyes, and made my return to old Blighty. Next task – find a job. While I had enjoyed working for a fast-growing tech startup in Hong Kong, I knew that I wanted something slightly different for my next role in the UK. Something still within the tech sector, that still involved creative messaging and PR campaigns, something challenging but rewarding… Thankfully, I came across FieldHouse.  


From my first chat with Iain to my final round interview with Cordelia and the senior leadership team, I was struck by their friendly, transparent, and genuine approach. Here was an opportunity to work in a growing company, creating integrated communications campaigns for a really diverse range of clients across the innovation and investment ecosystem. When the offer came through, it was an easy decision to make.


And now a couple of weeks in, there’s no looking back. Unlike some of my new colleagues who joined FieldHouse at times when the company has been working more or less fully remotely, I’ve been fortunate enough to begin this new stage in my career by meeting everyone in person rather than over Zoom. In fact, my first day was partly spent on a boat with an open bar going down the Thames for the annual Summer party – not a bad way to get things started!


I’m now looking forward to getting to know this city and its amazing people, and to working together with some inspiring clients. I’ve a feeling I made the right decision.