Time flies when you’re having fun: 12 lessons from 12 months


I am no longer the new kid. In fact, I think I lost that claim after only a couple of weeks. Without realising it, I have now been at FieldHouse for a whole year, although it barely feels like it. However in that time, we’ve grown our headcount, expanded our client base, won awards, and now we’re on the cusp of moving into a brand new office.

FieldHouse Associates

Apparently time really does fly when you’re having fun.

So all things considered, I thought now was a good time to reflect on my first year. So, here are 12 things I’ve learnt in my first 12 months at FieldHouse Associates:

  • Your network is everything. I have been given the freedom, along with everyone else in the business, to go out and meet people. It’s something that’s really not done enough in our industry.
  • Entrepreneurs really do live and breathe their businesses. It’s their life; their mortgage; their future. What may just be “another announcement” to a PR agency could possibly be one of the biggest moments in the history of their business, and therefore their life.
  • Running an agency is hard. This is the first time I’ve seen it from the perspective of a senior team, and I now thoroughly regret all the times I caused my senior team headaches in the past.
  • Working from home one day a week is good for you. Whether it’s being able to run to the post office, drop your unreliable car in for a service, or simply have an extra hour in bed – it’s incredible.
  • People thrive if you give them the chance. Too many agencies get hung up on “who does what, at what level”. The truth is, if somebody is good at something, push them on it and use those skills.
  • Don’t assume. This may seem obvious, but never assume somebody else has done something. In a large agency, there’s usually someone there to cover your backside. But when you’re working in a smaller team, you absolutely have to own everything you do.
  • Espresso vodka is curiously delicious. Seriously, try it.
  • Win together, lose together. The greatest thing about being in an agency that is less than twenty people (for now) is that you can really celebrate the good times as a team. But it’s important to be there for one another when things go badly too.
  • Venture casual is an aesthetic. Blazer? Tick. Smart shirt? Tick. Jeans? Tick. New Balance trainers? TBC.
  • Always be learning. Before joining FieldHouse, I thought a Series A was just an Italian football league. A year on, I can tell my exits from my angels. Don’t be afraid to be a sponge. Ask questions and be curious!
  • Honesty is the best policy. Whether that’s with your clients or colleagues, always be upfront.
  • The rumours are true. FieldHouse really are the best at what they do: if you want to work in the exciting, fast-paced world of high-growth businesses, this is the place to be.