No more pyjama bottoms!


I joined Fieldhouse as an intern in December 2020. It’s flown by so fast I have to remind myself it was only a week ago today – so forgive me if my spiel on “what it is that I do at FieldHouse” is non-existent for the time being, I’m very much still learning!

Eleanor Macer
I’m a soon-to-be graduate of an MA in Philosophy at Durham Uni, where I also studied for my BA in Philosophy and Theology. This means that I left university into the dismal pandemic-shaped job market, and the interview process with FieldHouse was my first positive experience of the whole job-seeking debacle.
When I was interviewed first by Nicky and Iain, Nicky and I were wearing almost the same outfit (from the waist up, at least – I’m sure Nicky wasn’t also in her Dad’s pyjama bottoms!), which I thought had to be a good sign. They were so friendly and welcoming – I even got a chance to have a chat with a fellow philosophy nerd in Iain – that I knew this was a team I really wanted to be a part of. My second interview with Cordelia and Aidan (for which I stepped up to wearing proper trousers because I was starting to get a good feeling about this place) only cemented that thought.
Being totally new to the worlds of PR and tech startups and investment, my first week has been a steep learning curve to say the least. But everyone has held my hand through it, and reminded me repeatedly (so much so that I wondered whether Cordelia had sent out a memo) that there are “no stupid questions”! So I can’t wait to finally be able to meet everyone properly in the office once pandemic restrictions are lifted.