The annual HQ hunt is over – we’ve got our new home for the foreseeable future


I’ve been part of the FieldHouse family for almost six years now. Over that period we have moved a grand total of four times and there was even a move the year before I arrived!

Nicky Harrison

Every time we find a new home we are sure it will be ours for a few years to come as they seem huge with empty desks galore. And every time, almost as the clock ticks to one year, we’re on the move again, tired of sitting on top of each other and battling for quiet spaces to have client calls.

In this wonderful fast-growth sector we work in, we feel so proud and excited to be scaling  – albeit at a more leisurely, non-tech, service-industry pace – and our experience of the highs and lows of business growth means we can empathise with many of our clients. The ongoing recruitment challenge to find people that are both skilled and fit in; getting appropriate processes in place; maintaining our culture; and, of course, our annual hunt for a new HQ.

This time round we have been a little bolder. Whereas previously we have clung on to the safety net of co-working spaces with annual agreements and communal teabags, this year felt different. FieldHouse has been on a steady, increasingly steep growth curve since its inception. Our reputation and the support of our brilliant network means entrepreneurial teams, investors, corporates and those looking to access the high-growth ecosystem are coming to us continuously wanting to talk about how we can have an impact for them. We’re finding our stride, working out who we need to hire, how and what skills we need in the business to support our future plans. It was time to grow up a bit and find an office that reflected our personality – somewhere we can truly make home for the foreseeable future.

It’s a daunting task to find the ‘perfect’ space – the options are plentiful, the costs and deal structures vary hugely and you really have to put the hours in whilst not being distracted from the day to day. We got some help along the way, someone we can highly recommend: Daniel Coomber from Move Space London was our excellent agent. He listened patiently to our evolving requirements and really scoured the market for what we think is ‘the one’.

Since Thursday 22nd August 2019, we’ve officially been residents of a beautiful big new office in Seven Dials, Covent Garden that will allow us to nigh on double in size. We have relished in the novelty of working with interior designers (thank you Emma & Jude from Home Milk), buying crockery and even dressing shelves! It feels like yet another coming of age moment for FieldHouse Associates and we can’t wait to welcome people through our very smart new front door. Let us know if you are in the area – we would love to show you around!