From the countryside to the city: my continued PR journey


Having spent the last 25 years in the countryside, I always knew I wanted to move to the big city. I was just waiting for the right time, and an agency worth the move!

Dan Cooper
Senior Account Executive

I was excited to make the move from Churt in the Surrey Hills to the big city, but I seemed to always be waiting for the perfect opportunity and the right time. Excluding the three years I spent living in Sydney, Australia, during my childhood – mainly spent surfing and picking up that desired Aussie accent which has now sadly left me – I have grown up in the beautiful countryside of Surrey with my family. The city was always going to be a drastic change of environment and I hadn’t quite anticipated how busy it would actually be. But you know what, I love it. The bustling atmosphere, the endless networking possibilities, and not to mention the pubs on every corner…

After spending 18 months at a small tech PR agency in Hook, Hampshire, I knew that I needed a change of scenery, both client- and sector-wise, but mainly physically. PR for me has always been about presenting creative ideas to promote the great work your client is doing through a variety of means, be that interesting long-form thought leadership articles, or insightful comments on topics shaping the news agenda in the national papers.

The roles and attributes of creativity, teamwork, and organisation have formed a large part of my life. My love for creativity developed due to my hobbies of photography, watching movies, and writing music. The importance of teamwork and collaboration arose from my 10 years of competitive basketball. Finally, my level of organisation grew from my extensive note-taking and list-making in both my educational career and day-to-day life. These three aspects of creativity, organisation, and teamwork form a large part of what PR is all about, and why it is the career I have pursued over the past three years.

After visiting the FieldHouse office in Covent Garden, I instantly felt at home and comfortable. Speaking with Cordelia, Aiden, Jhanvi, Ian, and Nicky across two interviews, I was amazed with the level of professionalism and how welcomed they made me feel. It has been great to be given such a level of responsibility and set off with tasks on my first day, and introduced on a call to my first client on day two!

I am incredibly excited for what this next phase of my PR career as Senior Account Executive will bring, and I am looking forward to taking this step at FieldHouse.