A work experience diary: part two


Maggie joined us in August for a month of work experience. Having posted previously about her first impressions of life in tech PR at FieldHouse, in this second post she reflects on her time with us coming to an end…

Maggie Bradová

It’s week four, and I’m as excited as I was in week one.

The end of August has crept up on us, the summer holidays are over, and so is my time with FieldHouse. I have to say it has been a fascinating, exciting, and eye-opening experience.  

Getting to discover the many sides of FieldHouse, from edtech to fintech, as well as everyone’s niches, whether it’s sustainability or cybersecurity, has really allowed me to understand the vibrant mosaic of activity going on here.

I’ve been fortunate in having learnt a great deal about the fundamentals of PR in one-on-one workshops. Even more informative has been the engagement with clients: attending messaging sessions, pitching sessions, and social media workshops, as well as producing client deliverables, has been a real education. Knowing that, even during work experience, my contributions are valued and meaningful, has been particularly gratifying. 

The month spent with FieldHouse has also provided opportunities for reflection: being able to experience so many different aspects of the job has given me a far clearer picture of my strengths and areas to improve on. Equally, it has allowed me to experience progress: the tasks which I found slightly daunting or even overwhelming in week one have become enjoyable, and I’ve been encouraged to challenge myself continuously. 

This has all been possible because of the team around me. The environment is so supportive and nurturing. And the team members – always ready to help, give feedback, and include you – have made my experience truly enlightening.

FieldHouse is an excellent example of new, fresh, and impactful PR. I look forward to what the future holds for the business and for myself.