From HR to PR: bedding in at FieldHouse Associates


HR, in my case, stands for human rights – and the move from that to public relations isn’t as crazy as it seems, I promise.

Damilola Omotoso
Junior Account Executive

Having recently graduated – I say “recently” as if I didn’t in fact finish last year, but we all know 2020 doesn’t really count – with an MA in Human Rights from UCL, many people ask me why I wanted to start a career in PR, and more specifically, why tech PR. As I’m sitting here writing this, I realise that tech PR just makes sense. My MA dissertation focused on technology, and I write for The Human Perspective, a print and digital publication, so research and content creation are a familiar wheelhouse. And playing netball (only recreationally now I’m no longer at university) and previously working in retail have shown me how to survive and thrive in fast-paced environments: a necessary skill in PR.


Those experiences, combined with a surprisingly pleasant interview process – thanks to the warmth of Cordelia, Nicky, and other members of the team – made me think that not only tech PR, but tech PR at FieldHouse was right for me. Where else could you feel so at ease when finding yourself (virtually) face-to-face with the founder and a director at a first-stage interview? Or be giving Netflix and book recommendations at the second?


It’s nearing the end of my second day, and I’ve spent my time so far being briefed on clients – all of whom are doing very interesting things in various areas of the tech sphere – and have just drafted my first social media posts for an account I’ll be handling. As alarming as that sounds, to be new to the world of PR and already being given real tasks, I like that FieldHouse is letting me do work that matters from the get-go. However, I have by no means been left to my own devices. My teams are all lovely and have explained the scope of our work, given me guidance, and said to ask if there’s anything I need help with – something people always say, but I can tell they really mean it here!


I’m excited to see what Day 3 and all the ones following have in store for me…