FieldHouse dreamin’: a journey into PR


If someone had told me six years ago, back in Colombia, that I would’ve gone on to live in Spain, Italy and, ultimately, the UK, I would have considered it nonsense. Honestly.

Moisés Gossain
Junior Account Executive

I am aware of how improbable this whole journey was (and still is). I think its ambition, perseverance and endless curiosity in my personal and professional life that have got me this far. These are characteristics that have made every move possible – every time I challenged myself to go further, or tried to raise the bar. This is how I arrived in London back in December 2020. This is how I landed at FieldHouse Associates in May 2021.

These two final accomplishments satisfy a long-awaited wish to settle down in one place for the long term. London offers me opportunities that any PR professional would dream of (as I once did), and a role at FieldHouse gives me the chance to thrive in a consultancy sitting at the intersection of fast-growth technology and the investment ecosystem. It’s like an epiphany!

On meeting the team at FieldHouse, I was impressed by the commercial mindset everyone has. As a function of marketing, the field of communications is intrinsically commercial. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to land a job in journalism and expand my skillset in this field. This has taught me how to create impactful stories. However, I was drawn to PR as a tool to give brands a voice, and tell a story in a strategic way to create commercial opportunities.

In the end, strategic communication is not a pretty accessory for businesses –  it is an integral part of the nucleus and therefore tied to the company’s objectives. I believe FieldHouse and I share the team’s vision – I feel I’ve found the right place to stay!

To high-growth communications and delivering impact for the years to come!