Learning to speak PR: an intern’s view


Coming into FieldHouse Associates for work experience, I had no idea what to expect. I had very minimal knowledge about PR, and really hadn’t grasped how many different aspects there are to it. Moreover, I was fairly nervous about working in an office, not ever having done it before.

Hester Murdoch

But FieldHouse exceeded all my expectations.

The moment I stepped into the office, I was welcomed by Lucy – who checked up on me regularly throughout the week to ensure everything was going well and I had no unanswered questions.

I was introduced to my buddy, Andie, who extremely clearly and patiently answered all the many questions I had regarding FieldHouse and PR in general. I felt as if everyone was speaking a whole different language! However, Andie organised for me to have meetings with various team members, who explained not just different aspects of PR, but different topics within tech and investment, such as edtech, cybersecurity, and venture capital.

Those meetings gave me a much broader understanding of how FieldHouse functions. Furthermore, in being given the task of doing the Monday morning news roundup for the cyber team, I have gained knowledge on cyber threats and current affairs within the cyber industry.

I was also set with the task of compiling FieldHouse’s daily news roundup on investment and tech. As FieldHouse specialises in these topics, I found it an extremely useful exercise for deepening my understanding of the PR work the company does.

Whether it was working online, having meetings with various people and them making sure I always had something to do, or the welcoming community within the office, I feel the people at FieldHouse have allowed me to make the most of my time here, and taught me so much.