Falling into communications has led me to the extraordinary


A wise person once said that no one grows up wanting to be in PR and that no kid has ever said to their parents “I want to be an astronaut, failing that I want to be in communications.” I must say I somewhat fell into communications myself following a two-year stint of living “la bella vita” in Italy, occasionally studying and often enjoying coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon.

Ant Avrili
Account Executive

Having left Italy and returned to the UK, I knew I wanted to do something agency based. The chance to work with lots of companies, all doing different and exciting things in a fast-paced world. Life in a PR agency beckoned.

I joined FieldHouse having previously been exposed to the world of technology PR and prior to that financial PR at two different agencies respectively. Technology was never a sector that I thought I would find myself in, with my experience of it previously limited to using an iPad and mobile phone.

Having worked in financial communications and more recently the technology sector, you realise, especially on the B2B agency side, that you’re actually working with those that are ahead of the curve. You work with all kinds of companies that are doing extraordinary things and need a little help telling everyone else just how impressive those things really are.

These are some of the most innovative, inspiring – and just a little eccentric – people you’re likely to meet. That’s not to say that working with them is always plain sailing but it’s never dull and that’s understandably what comes with their efforts to make the world an easier, and hopefully better, place to live.

Looking ahead, there are so many things in the technology sector to get excited about. In fact, saying technology sector these days doesn’t really help us because the market is just so vast. We’ve heard a lot about blockchain and then a couple of years ago it was cryptocurrencies, then we were hearing more about AI and the can of worms that lie beneath that with machine learning, neural networks and so on.

Trying to keep on top of all of this is certainly a challenge and understanding how these cutting-edge technologies are being applied to business means you are constantly kept on your toes, but it’s certainly something to look forward to and I’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so here at FieldHouse.