Intern Insights: “Excuse me – do you speak PR?”


As she comes to the end of her summer internship with FieldHouse Associates, Bella Cutler reflects on daunting interview questions, learning a new language, and how county sport helped her keep up with the pace.

Bella Cutler

As a Politics and International Relations undergraduate at the University of Nottingham, the post-Covid job market is looking particularly bleak. Having the chance to intern at FieldHouse over the summer – in PR, an industry that was a complete unknown to me – seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!


Cordelia – a close friend of my family – has always shown her excitement and enthusiasm for FieldHouse and the world of PR, and that’s what attracted me to exploring this potential career path. Even having done plenty of research, the first question I was asked in my first interview – “What is PR?” – seemed so daunting given the vastness, complexity, and variety of the industry. However, my first professional interview experience eventually went much more smoothly than I expected, thanks to the bond I struck up with Nicky over both having played lacrosse at county level!


My first couple of days at FieldHouse offered up a steep learning curve, especially where language is concerned – I think “PR-speak” should have its own dictionary! I had no real expectations of what the day-to-day would look like, but with FieldHouse being such a supportive environment, the variety of work I’ve been able to do has opened my eyes to the dynamic and innovative world of PR. From writing my first thought leadership piece to gaining an insights into the mechanics of the high-growth tech and venture capital ecosystem, to experiencing client media training, the skills and exposure I have gained have definitely set me up for a future in B2B PR. Also, working in a proper office has made a great change from online university lectures!


As a competitive athlete growing up – competing at regional and national levels in lacrosse, athletics, netball, and volleyball – I think I am naturally drawn to industries defined by a fast-paced environment – if I’ve learnt anything at FieldHouse, it’s that PR is definitely fast-paced! However, multiple knee injuries – and lockdown-induced boredom – switched my focus to longer-distance running, and now, having already completed my first half-marathon, I’m looking forward to running my first full-length one soon.


My experience at FieldHouse has been invaluable – I’m excited for what the future holds!