My kind of PR: Why I joined FieldHouse


People love stories. It’s not hard to see why: the world’s a complicated place, and stories help us make sense of it.

Charlie Crossley
Senior Account Manager

This principle is at the heart of journalism. A single fact or data point on its own is meaningless. Several facts or data points might be meaningful to the right person, but only if that person has the context and knowledge to fit them together.

The beauty of journalism is taking those facts and data points and putting them in the context of a story that can be meaningful to anyone and everyone.

As someone who was introduced to the world of PR by a team of ex-journalists, I’ve always viewed PR through a similar lens. We work with our clients to dig out the quirks, nuances, and titbits – and then create a story through which the rest of the world can understand them.

This all sounds very idealistic. Of course, the unfortunate reality is that lots of PRs don’t get it. The result is unhappy clients and unhappy journalists who have no other recourse but to complain on Twitter.

That’s why it’s so special when you meet a team of like-minded people who value good stories, understand journalists, and care about their clients. When I met FieldHouse, I could tell what kind of team they were from the start.