Why FieldHouse? Time to make a change.


Why us? The dreaded question in an interview, the kind that makes you research the company thoroughly, the kind that makes you think and makes you focus on the perfect thing to say.

Victoria Onisuru
Junior Account Executive

The root of my answer to the “Why FieldHouse?” question lies during my final semester at university. All of my peers had made decisions about their post-university life; conversations had shifted away from the normal bustle of student life to excitement of future grad schemes or life plans, but that was not the case for me. I had started the course with such optimism and a drive for a career in public policy, but over time I realised that – contrary to popular belief – politics isn’t really the breeding ground for change.


My political disillusionment and drive to find something more representative of my social desires combined, and I decided on a career in tech PR – joining a startup soon after university. My time at that startup laid the foundation for my progression to FieldHouse, highlighting the significance of PR and investors to creating impactful change.


My initial meeting at FieldHouse was with Nicky; her knowledge and passion for creating change and impact was palpable throughout the Zoom meeting. I was buzzing for days after, recounting the details to every relative that would listen to me talk – about an agency that was founded and led by an inspiring female entrepreneur and focused on creating and supporting change and innovation in so many areas, and about an interviewer who had given me podcast and Netflix recommendations too.


If that experience hadn’t already persuaded me I wanted to join, meeting Cordelia and the rest of the team – and feeling the positive energy they radiated – was the final push that I needed. I was ready if they’d have me.


Writing this at the end of my first day, I can truly say I feel that FieldHouse is the best possible next step in my PR career. I am thoroughly excited to learn so much more – and perhaps to be part of the change I want to see.