New girl on the continent: From Down Under to London


Moving to London seems like a rite of passage for a New Zealander with a British passport. I always thought that one day I’d learn how to tackle the city’s tube stations and struggle with the lack of smiles on people’s faces as I sat smiling amongst the organised chaos. I know, I’m a walking cliché, just a small-town Kiwi girl with a strange accent ready for the Big Smoke. Well, here I am.

Lulu Carter
Account Executive

I was forewarned that the process of finding a job here can be difficult and at times a little demoralising. A few friends had searched for months before finding something they were interested in. But when I entered FieldHouse, I was greeted kindly and warmly by Cordelia and Iain who asked great questions and seemed genuinely interested in my answers.

This was followed up by a second interview with Anna and Lily who were lovely and engaging. I knew after the first interview, and confirmed by the end of the second, that this would be an awesome place to work. I must admit this is always helped by the fact that I was living my teenage dreams of working in a place like Covent Garden with a beautiful office space to match.

Before London, I had been in Sydney for the last five years studying my undergraduate – a Bachelor of Arts followed by a Masters in Strategic Public Relations. And for the last two years I worked as an Account Manager in fintech company Zip Co. It was an amazing fast-paced place to work, full of intelligent people trying to change the game. The company itself doubled in size whilst I worked there, and I got to experience first-hand how a successful fintech company operates and works.

Given that, FieldHouse’s focus on tech and investor relations really grabbed my attention. I think fintech is a force to be reckoned with and a space that needs communications specialists to help ensure that the messages are being portrayed correctly. I’m so excited to work for an agency that understands this market and has positively impacted so many companies.

Having never worked for a PR and communications agency before I know I have a lot to learn, but this feels like the right place to do this. In case it wasn’t already obvious, I’m incredibly excited to make this field(House) my new home.