Finding my niche


We can all learn a lot from founders. They have a unique way of thinking and approach to problem solving. I learned this early on in my career when I worked for startups during my undergraduate course. When I finished my public relations degree, I found myself drawn to the corporate and business world as it is such a fast-paced and exciting space, and decided to pursue a career in financial PR.

Lisa Haidacher
Senior Account Executive

Working across a range of different sectors, from real estate to private equity, I found myself missing some of the entrepreneurial spirit I had experienced whilst working in early-stage firms, which was reinforced by being exposed to clients in the VC and startup sector. 

When I stumbled across FieldHouse it became clear to me what I wanted to do next: supporting early-stage tech companies, investors and other players in the ecosystem with their future growth. 

So many prospects of this role excite me, from preparing funding announcements to attending tech conferences and networking events to liaising with journalists in the tech space and discussing story ideas. Speaking to various people from the friendly team, I was also delighted to discover that many of the values and working approach of startups are reflected in the way FieldHouse works: all ideas are welcome and encouraged, and the work really is a team effort. 

From talking to entrepreneurs I learned that in order to grow, we need to take risks and I have no doubt that specialising early on in my career will prove very rewarding.