To learning, growing, and thriving!


When I moved to London years ago, I was just like any international student – bright-eyed, excited, and in awe of this glorious city. I became more charmed by it every day, and knew I wanted to belong.

Priyadarshani Albuquerque
Junior Account Executive

My journey has been anything but straightforward, though. Curiosity and an ardent need to continually “upgrade” myself has led me to this point. Starting out as a journalism student, I then pursued a Master’s in International Business, and topped it off with another Master’s in Data Science and AI, which I’ll complete in a month’s time. Just like many students, I found the job hunt a draining process, as I struggled to find roles that aligned with what I wanted for my career. My internships in PR – coupled with my educational background in business and tech – had got me interested in high-growth industries and companies, so when I came across FieldHouse, it seemed like a perfect fit. The range of clients, and the varied industries they operate in, seemed like it would present the perfect learning opportunity for a young PR professional like me.

After my first chat with Nicky – who was so warm and knowledgeable – I called my parents in sheer excitement. I knew I had found the perfect opportunity, and over the next few days as I met with Cordelia, Lily, Jhanvi, John, Finn, and Joe, I became convinced that if I wanted to learn and grow, FieldHouse was the best place for that to happen.

When I finally got the call, I was over the moon! The opportunity to working at a company where everyone contributes to the company’s growth and to clients’ growth meant everything to me.

As I embark on this new chapter in my life, saying goodbye to my student days is bittersweet – but I’m comforted to know that others have made the same transition just months before me and are thriving at FieldHouse. I’m excited to be part of this team and contribute wholly in my new role!