Purplebricks launches Purplebricks Mortgages


Strike Financial Services becomes Purplebricks Mortgages

FieldHouse Associates

[Doncaster], 30 April 2024 – Purplebricks, the UK’s most popular estate agency¹, has launched Purplebricks Mortgages Limited and retired the Strike Financial Services brand. The move will see a team of more than 150 people operating under the Purplebricks Mortgages name, enabling customers to benefit from an end-to-end house buying solution on the Purplebricks platform. 

The mortgage offering means consumers can complete their purchase journey with Purplebricks – from viewing and buying a property to securing the most suitable mortgage rates through a  team of experts. Following the introduction of its new pricing model at the end of of last year, which enables customers to sell their homes for free², the business is also focused on supporting buyers by providing in-house access to market leading mortgage deals. A nationally representative research survey conducted by The Nursery for Purplebricks in Q1 2024 found that the 1046 respondents would consider a mortgage from Purplebricks before all other estate agents.

As Strike Financial Services, the business has facilitated more than 315 new mortgages per month this year, and has offered 1150 mortgages within an average of 15.33 days in 2024 to date. More than 330 mortgages have been offered to first time buyers in 2024, reflecting Purplebricks’ particular expertise in this area across its entire business.    

Joanne Pocklington, Managing Director of Purplebricks Mortgages, said, “Moving to the Purplebricks name is the next stage of our evolution in the Group. Over the past three years Strike Financial Services has become one of the UK’s leading mortgage advisers, recently winning Top Business for Quality at the Mortgage Advice Bureau Awards 2024. The process of finding the right mortgage is critical to supporting the growth in home ownership in the UK. At Purplebricks Mortgages we innately understand the housing market and use this expertise to benefit our customers every day. Not only can customers get the right deal, we’ve also streamlined the house buying process with Purplebricks to allow everything to be done under one umbrella.”

Sam Mitchell, CEO, Purplebricks, said, “The teams at Purplebricks and Strike will leverage their experience and knowledge in the property industry as we transition to Purplebricks Mortgages. In the latest step in the Purplebricks’ journey, we will continue to emphasise customer satisfaction and the dedication that runs throughout the business to innovate and challenge the process of buying and selling homes. With increased competition from banks on mortgage rates, our ambition is to show to buyers the range of trustworthy and expert lenders available to support them on what can be a stressful and costly journey.”

¹ https://www.purplebricks.co.uk/services/more

² ‘Free’ relates to a home valuation, negotiation, listing on a major portal and an app that lets customers control their listing and viewings; they can choose to pay for additional extras should they wish