FieldHouse Associates has supported Silicon Valley Comes to the UK on a pro bono basis from day one, helping it in its mission to teach and encourage UK fast-growth businesses to scale more quickly. 

SVC2UK is one of the best-known entrepreneurial change-maker organisations in the UK and US
SVC2UK Scale Up Club list of businesses expected to reach £1 billion valuations is among the most respected in the industry
SVC2UK leadership team maintains a high profile year-round
How We
did it

Each year we work with the SVC2UK leadership team to identify which key themes and issues they can own in the media, which of the high-profile speakers at the events could be used for media activity, and which journalists should be invited to attend which event.

We also release data and insights in advance of marquee events to create media buzz around SVC2UK and the wider ecosystem, and place thought leadership from senior figures such as Sherry Coutu and Janet Coyle in leading media outlets.