We were briefed by a leading venture capital firm to support the launch of its new report into the state of the AI industry and establish the firm and its research lead as go-to authorities on innovation, investment, and policy in this area.

18,000 visits to the report on the client website in the first two months alone
Generated highly-relevant, high-quality inbound deal flow

Generated inbound enquiries from other VCs the client had not previously co-invested with
Report continued to be cited in top-tier media several months after launch
Research lead invited to speak at major industry conferences
How We
did it

Reviewing the 200-page report, we pulled out the three themes we knew would resonate best with media, and developed bespoke pitches for priority media targets based on the data relating to their areas of most interest.

Top targets we briefed under embargo by the research lead to enable them to source unique insights and quotes and develop their own angle on the story. A press release and summary of the key findings of the research were then distributed to media and influencers from across the ecosystem.