We were tasked with launching a leading European venture capital firm into the UK market, and helping it get ahead of potentially challenging questions as it opened a London office against a backdrop of uncertainty over the nature of the UK’s separation from the European Union.

Several pieces of top-tier media coverage of launch framed around key messages
Launch event attended by MP, in show of support of client’s confidence in the UK market
How We
did it

We knew that any media we were approaching to cover the launch story would focus on the Brexit issue, and that the client therefore needed a clear response to their questions.

We worked closely with the client to understand its rationale for launching into the UK at that time, and its perspective on the Brexit issue – what would the implications of the different possible outcomes be for its business and the wider industry, and why did it remain confident in the face of the uncertainty? From this we developed a robust set of key messages that we used as the basis of media outreach and in conversation with our network as we made introductions and invitations ahead of the client’s launch event.