We were hired by an IP law firm to establish a reputation in the fast-growth technology, innovation, and investment ecosystem to help it execute a major strategic shift.

Targeted media coverage promoted through LinkedIn attracted significant positive feedback and drove business development
Increased understanding within the firm of the ecosystem, including media, events, and networks
Direct connections established with VC community and fast-growth technology businesses
Lead partners invited to speak and mentor at key industry events
How We
did it

We executed a thought leadership programme exclusively targeting the fast-growth technology, innovation, and investment audience, using a combination of contributed articles and news hijacking to position lead partners at the firm as experts on the biggest issues affecting companies in the ecosystem and their relation to intellectual property.

The most impactful topics were identified through regular brainstorms with the firm’s sector-specific teams as well as analysis of publicly-available IP trend data. A “buddy” system – pairing members of our team with individuals within the client team that needed greater understanding of, and exposure to, the ecosystem – was introduced to help the client make useful connections and be presence at the most important events.