Senseon brings AI response to cyber defence


Senseon, the next-generation AI platform for cyber defence, has announced the launch of Senseon Reflex. Built on Senseon’s award-winning AI Triangulation technology, Senseon Reflex acts autonomously, without human interaction required, to halt in progress cyber attacks in companies’ environments before they can spread and cause damage.

FieldHouse Associates

David Atkinson, Senseon Founder and CEO, said:  “Senseon Reflex represents a huge leap forward in the capability and practical application of AI in cybersecurity. Many of us at Senseon have been on the other side of the fence and have experienced the pains of not being able to stop threats in a timely manner. We have harnessed AI to solve this problem. Senseon Reflex provides an enormous head-start for security teams while delivering peace of mind for our customers.”

Businesses today face an unprecedented volume and sophistication of attack techniques that are capable of evading detection and crippling systems within minutes. Response times are critical, but traditional tools and human security teams are often too slow to respond. Conventional tools with a limited point of view must err on the side of caution when raising security alerts to avoid over alerting or a ‘boy who cried wolf’ approach, which means that genuine and devastating attacks can get lost in the noise and are not dealt with early enough, if at all.

In operation 24/7, Senseon Reflex works tirelessly to help over-stretched security teams deal with these challenges and stay ahead of attacks by automating the process of threat response and taking appropriate action on their behalf. Senseon Reflex’s ability to understand context and differentiate between unusual behaviour and malicious activity ensuring that the platform is able to isolate genuine threats without needlessly impacting legitimate business operations.

Atkinson continued: “Existing autonomous response tools create added dangers. Without accuracy or context, these tools often misfire and stop legitimate business operations, which can have both financial and reputational implications for organisations. However, thanks to our unique AI Triangulation technology, Senseon Relex is able to accurately determine what is a true threat and can act decisively to stop malicious activity in its tracks.”

When it comes to attacks such as crypto ransomware, time is critical. In recent lab tests, Senseon detonated the infamous WannaCry ransomware attack. Within just one second, the Senseon platform accurately identified the in progress attack, and just eight seconds later Senseon Reflex stepped in to isolate the infected device stopping the attack from spreading across the network.

Jonathan Luff, Co-Founder of CyLon, said: “IT security teams at large enterprises regularly receive upwards of ten thousand alerts a month, and the abundance of false positives means genuine threats to the organisation often get lost in the noise. Simply having an autonomous response tool in place is not enough. Security teams can benefit from the added layers of accuracy and context that Senseon Reflex provides, to reduce false positives and the burdens they place on overworked analyst teams.”

Watch the real-time attack video – Senseon Reflex vs WannaCry: Detection to Response in 8 seconds

Senseon has already secured early adopters of the technology ahead of launch, including a large healthcare institution located in the Midlands, which is implementing the system to ensure the protection of its employees and data.