Mixing up a comms cocktail with traditional PR and digital marketing


Having dabbled with the PR world before spending a couple of years in the corporate space, I’m incredibly pleased to make a return to agency life, especially as this newly-created role will give the chance to enhance how traditional PR is done with digital marketing for even greater impact

Paulina Lundin
Digital Manager

I’m beyond excited to have joined the award-winning communications agency FieldHouse Associates as the new Digital Manager. What I find appealing about FieldHouse is that the team is on a mission to change how traditional PR is done, and I believe that digital marketing can help with that and fit in seamlessly with all the great work they’re already doing.

When I first came across this role, it felt like a unique opportunity and I just had to give it a go. My role is part of the new initiative to grow the digital services offering to clients, which will be a compelling challenge to get stuck into.

I had a great feeling when I met with the team during my interviews and it almost felt like I was already part of the company when I was sitting at the table pitching my digital presentation to them. To me it felt like this would be a brilliant environment to work in while being surrounded by entrepreneurial and ambitious people, but also a place where I can hopefully make a positive impact with my experience within the digital space.

I am originally from Sweden, which is where I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics followed by a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University. And while I have experience of studying and working in Sydney, New York and Paris, for the past three years I’ve lived in London – something I’ve always wanted to do.

For my first role here in the Big Smoke I worked at PR agency Golin as part of the digital analytics and paid social media team. More recently though, I’ve spent the past two years working in the corporate world at a global professional services company. There I was the go-to person for digital marketing in the UK, helping to tell and promote the impressive stories of how engineers can change the building and construction environment. I learned a lot working for such an international firm, in particular seeing just what an impact digital marketing can have in achieving business objectives.

Coming from a strategic background and having experienced the opportunity presented by digital marketing, I’m incredibly passionate about how messages can be targeted to reach audiences at just the right time. My mission here at FieldHouse is to demonstrate that digital can be part of every strategy, whether it’s about brand awareness, engagement or lead generation.

Digital marketing to me is about telling your audience the story of your brand through different online channels. The customer journey has changed and is no longer predictable on the internet, which is why brands need to be present in the many micro moments of people’s daily lives and that’s where digital marketing can play a great role.

I am really thrilled to have become part of FieldHouse and working with all the existing, and prospective, clients. Coming from the client side, I know that there will be a change in my working environment but I’m ready to take on this digital movement.

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